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1/35 ambutank conversion

1/35 ambutank conversion

This is a conversion kit for a 1/35 M1A1 Sherman to turn it into an Ambutank, 3d printed to order, painting, sanding and modification to base tank required. Tank used in photos is a Dragon 1/35 M1A1 operation cobra, but maybe adapted to other kits, if you have another kit please email me before perches to check dimension or alter the CAD model.

Parts list
1X Rear cab (FDM printed)
2X handles (DLP printed)
4X hinges (DLP printed)
1X front engine deck (DLP printed)
2X exhaust pipe (DLP printed)
2X storage boxes (DLP printed)
1X handle jig (DLP printed)
1X 100mm 0.8 wire

This is a resin gauge kit, not a toy and is for 17+ year old, please do not buy this on behalf of someone under this age is it contains materials that can be harmful to work with if handled inappropriately and is recommended for experienced scale modellers only.

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