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1/1700 Drake class escorts Gundam Seed

1/1700 Drake class escorts Gundam Seed

This is a resin 3D printed model of the drake class escort from Gundam Seed in 1/1700 to go with the 1/1700 EX Archangel. missile bays can by built open or closed

This kit contains
1x Instructions
1x base
1x hull
1x bridge
1x rear bridge
1x hanger bay
1x engine mount
2x engines
2x torpedo tubes
2x docking collars
2x nacelle mounts
4x nacelle
4x small thrusters +2 spares
8x large thrusters + 2 spares
4x moebius normal loadout

This is a resin gauge kit, not a toy and is for 17+ year old, please do not buy this on behalf of someone under this age is it contains materials that can be harmful to work with if handled inappropriately and is recommended for experienced scale modellers only.

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