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1/144 Jiachong AI controled

1/144 Jiachong AI controled

This is a listing for a 1/144 MAJ-V34 Jiachong tank/AFV from Gundam 00, perfect for diorama fodder to go with your 1/144 Tieren Ground Type or get stomped by a 1/144 Exia. This is made from resin so sanding, gluing and painting is required as well as the normal PPE for working with resin.

The Jiachong is a small two-man tank/AFV used by the Human Reform League. Its primary armament is a 85mm smooth-boar cannon with remote weapon station armed with a 30mm machine gun. Its primary role is support and recon but found itself in action against the Gundams of Celestial Being, a fight it was little equipped to handle, however in these engagements its small size and speed kept its crew alive where Tierens fell. The Jiachong would be withdrawn from front line use after the introduction of the GN-X series of mobile suits but even then it would see action defending a prison from the returning Celestial Being. The Jiachong could be turned into a unmanned tank, however in complex engagements this was not desirable due to the increased risk of friendly fire. An engineering version was also made that removed the turret and replaced it with a roller and bulldozer blade.

This kit contains

4X wheel
4X tries
2X rear motors
2X front part 1
2X front part 2
2X front motor
1X hull
1X turret
1X barrel
1X instructions

This is a resin gauge kit, not a toy and is for 17+ year old, please do not buy this on behalf of someone under this age is it contains materials that can be harmful to work with if handled inappropriately and is recommended for experienced scale modellers only.

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