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1/100 Linear tank gundam seed

1/100 Linear tank gundam seed

This is a listing physical for a 1/100 Linear tank from Gundam seed, 3D printed to order. Will go with any 1/100 Gundams seed model or as a stand alone model. This is made from resin so sanding, gluing and painting is required as well as the normal PPE for working with resin.

1 Hull
1 Turret
1 Linear cannon
2 cannon brackets
1 mantlet
4 Sets of tracks (2 parts per track)
20 Road wheels
8 return rollers
4 track pods, 2 parts each with optional open sides total 12 parts.
2 lifting lugs
2 smoke launchers
2 laser ranger finders
2 radar brackets
1 radar
full instruction

total part count 63

This is a resin gauge kit, not a toy and is for 17+ year old, please do not buy this on behalf of someone under this age is it contains materials that can be harmful to work with if handled inappropriately and is recommended for experienced scale modellers only.

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