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This is a repository for free-to-download STL files.

DSC_1650 (2).JPG

Ambutank conversion

This is a conversion for an m4a1 Sherman with cast hull into an Israeli ambutank. STL include a new turret now engine bay, rear bay, stowage boxes, and extra handles for when they inevitably brake off.


This is a turret for a Canal Defence Light sherman made in cooperation with panzerserra (Marcos Serra) please check out his blog here

This is for a italeri 1/35 M4A1, but please let me know the turret ring of Sherman you are using so I can alter it.


This is a 1/35 scale M4A3E8 Sherman seat for loader and tank commander made by request for someone on facebook. marked as WIP until its been fitted to a Sherman and conformed to be accurate.

All files here are for personal use only, it's ok to make some for a friend and get something for your time. You can make a video about them where you have ads or sponsorships, but please do not make and sell these for profit. Any questions about their use feel free to email me, and we can work something out.

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